Jazz Education Inc. (JEI) has been serving the Houston community for over 50 years. We are the program that “Changes Lives Through Music.” We now have the wonderful task of inviting lovers of JEI to support one of the best music education programs in Houston.

Our “WE LOVE JAZZ ED” campaign will: 

  • Focus on raising money and awareness about the Summer Jazz Workshop (SJW) and the role it has played in shaping young aspiring musicians and leaders in our city and country.
  • Allow JEI to continue offering scholarships and financial assistance to students who could not afford to experience the SJW that offers clinics throughout the year and provides playing opportunities for the next generation of aspiring musicians.
  • Enable us to build on our summer programing by continuing to offer students a master clinic put on by artists and/or business leaders who will provide the necessary tools to become entrepreneurs.
  • Create the opportunity for JEI to effectively initiate and maintain a lasting connection with each individual who has experienced the Summer Jazz Workshop.

We also want to hear from you. If You LOVE JAZZ ED and/or are an esteemed alumni of the SJW, let us know how our programs have touched your life. Send your brief testimonial to Denise Kennedy at dkennedy@jazzeducation.org.  Your testimony will be strategically added to our “WE LOVE JAZZ ED” campaign website!

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