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Jazz Education Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization which sponsors three main programs (The Jazz & Poetry Series, Summer Jazz Workshop, The Houston International Jazz Festival) and several special projects. Support our upcoming events and save the dates on your calendars.

Music in the Schools (February)

Summer Jazz Workshop (June & July)

Houston International Jazz Festival (August)

In recognition of Black History Month, MITS has been a big hit with over one million elementary school children across Texas. This interactive presentation spans the styles of popular music from the 1930’s to the millennium, with an emphasis on prominent figures in the history of Jazz music. Find out more to bring MITS to your school.

The SJW, open to middle and high school students with two or more years of formal musical experience, has trained well over 15,000 students since 1972. Students are involved in a combination of master-classes, lectures, small & large ensembles, public performances, field trips and more.

Celebrating August Jazz Month! HIJF is a musical experience of some of the most inspirational Jazz entertainment from around the world, bringing a diverse mix of styles to Houston.

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