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(AIR) Artist In Residence Program

kirk whalum – Artist in Residence 2019

Vincent Gardener – Artist in Residence 2019

The Artist-In-Residence (AIR) continues for the 7th year as a part of the 48th H-E-B Tournament of Champions Summer Jazz Workshop. The Artist-In-Residence program will expose students to two influential figures in American Jazz today.

Jason Moran is an American jazz pianist, composer and educator, heavily involved in multimedia art and theatrical installations. With a unique vision and innovative approach to the music, Mr. Moran was appointed Artistic Advisor for Jazz for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in November 2011 and given the title of Artistic Director for Jazz in May 2014.

Ben Tankard, known as the “godfather of gospel Jazz music “composer, arranger, motivational speaker and Jazz Artist. He is a Stellar Award winner and Bravo TV Reality Star “Thicker than Water.” Both are nationally acclaimed music professionals in education, business and performance.