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SJW 2021 – Scholarship and Financial Aid

SJW Financial Aid Program is intended to help outstanding young artists and families to further their Artistic development. No family should be discouraged from applying to Jazz Education, Inc. because of lack of funds. We welcome a diverse cross section of families who believe in their children’s ability to succeed. This assistance is based on families meeting the required criteria. Deadline is May 31st, 2021 for applicants.

Applicants for the SJW Scholarship should submit the following documentation:

  • Parent income must be $30,000 or below. This is information is verified through the submission of parent’s 2020 1040 (or 2019 if they have yet to file).
  • Student must submit an essay on one of the following topics:
    o Why I would like to attend the Summer Jazz Workshop?
    o What Music means to me?
  • Student must have complete 6 hours of community service from a church, school, or non-profit organization and submit volunteer hours on agency’s letterhead.

All documentation should be submitted to Jazz Education, Inc. at 6363 Richmond Ave. Suite 306 Houston, TX 77057. Completed scholarship applications can also be scanned and emailed to All scanned applications should be in PDF or Word 97-2010.