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“Music In The Schools” Jazz And Poetry Series

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Jazz Education Inc. presents the 45th Season

Jazz and Poetry Series

Black History Month, FEB 2018! What is Your School planning??

Jazz Education Inc. kicks off its 45th Season of “Music In The Schools” Celebrating National Black History Month February 2018.
It is More than What You Think!

“Music In The Schools” Jazz & Poetry Series is an interactive, engaging, one of a kind performance which will delight the audience with its story of how Jazz Music was created.

The performance is told in story form and spans the style of popular music from the 1930’s to the millennium with an emphasis on prominent figures in American History, such as Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Arnett Cobb and many more. This performance celebrates the History and Achievements of African Americans to this great American made art form of music.

“Music in the Schools” creates a seamless melodic connection across the decades, drawing in young listeners with visual literacy experiences to increase confidence, knowledge, and the effective use of language skills for young students grades 3rd – 6th.

Have your students be a part of something special!!

Music In The Schools celebrated this past 44th season “Changing Lives Through Music” on KPRC.

Booking Your Jazz & Poetry Series Now

Jazz & Poetry Series
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Jazz & Poetry Series
$500 Package


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