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Downtown Houston Magazine: Jazzed about Houston

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Bubbha Thomas and the Houston International Jazz Festival celebrate two decades of music.

If you’ve attended one of Da Camera’s jazz concerts in the Wortham Theater Center, in which jazz musicians are accorded the same respect that classical musicians receive, you might be surprised to learn that 40 years ago their image was quite different. But according to acclaimed drummer and musical educator Bubbha Thomas, such was the case in Houston.

At that time, Thomas says, “jazz had a negative image in this city. (People thought that jazz musicians) played music all night, slept all day, and slept with every woman they could.” Thomas says that musicians had a different image on the East Coast. “Coltrane played in the philharmonic hall, and Duke Ellington played jazz masses, but if you tried to play in a church here, you’d have to beat up the board of directors and deacons first.”

Source: Downtown Houston Magazine
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