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Summer Jazz Workshop (June & July)

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The Summer Jazz Workshop is an intensive 5-week youth oriented program which focuses on the fundamentals of music and its associated business aspects. SJW’s instructional program is open to middle school, high school and college students. Students are involved in a combination of master-classes, lectures, small & large ensembles, field trips and more. Tutored by seasoned faculty musicians, students are exposed to various subjects and concepts not fully covered by private and/or public school systems; including theory & composition, improvisation, leadership, public speaking, public performances and career management. To cap off the workshop, participating students have the opportunity to perform at the Houston International Jazz Festival. This program has trained over 8,000 teenage musicians in its 30 year history and many have gone on to become successful Jazz recording artist, politicians, teachers, lawyers and well-rounded, productive members of the community.

Summer Jazz Workshop 2011:
Download Parent Info Sheet (Click Here)

Summer Jazz Workshop 2011:
Download Student Application Form (Click Here)

Summer Jazz Workshop 2011:
Download Scholarship Program Info (Click Here)
Submission Deadline – July 1st

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