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“I Can” Message Well Received

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Comcast Jazz & Poetry Series “I CAN” Message Well Received

Long after the Jazz & Poetry Series closed the curtain on its 38th Season, parents, principals, teachers and students still wanted more. Many schools that did not get the opportunity for a performance this year are attempting to book it for April and May! Here are the comments:

“Cummings Elementary had the pleasure of welcoming Bubbha Thomas and his jazz education program, Jazz and Poetry to the campus in recognition of Black History Month. The engaging program introduced our students to the sound of jazz and the instruments that make jazz so appealing. Students and teachers alike enjoyed the interactive program presented by Mr. Thomas.”
Faye Simmons, Cummings Elementary, Science/Tech Specialist

“Many students experienced live jazz music for the first time from Bubbha Thomas’s Jazz and Poetry presentation at Juan Seguin Elementary in Fort Bend ISD. Students heard the saxophone, bass guitar, drums and piano keyboard played live on stage. At the end of the presentation, students were allowed to groove with the band by playing percussion instruments like tambourines, maracas and clave sticks. One crowd favorite was a call and response song with the positive affirmation… “If I want to pass TAKS… I Can!” Also, “If you want to be a doctor… I Can!” “If you want to be a teacher…I Can!” The presentation motivated the students and the Seguin staff, and many remarked it was the best presentation they had ever seen”.
Pat Shoffit, Juan Seguin Elementary, Principal

“Laughter, smiles, and claps of enjoyment filled the Aldine Y.O.U.T.H. Community Center as Bubbha Thomas and his wonderful jazz band entertained an audience of all ages. Their songs were educational, inspirational and entertaining. We all – young and young at heart – loved the opportunity to join in and share the spotlight as we also played insturments and felt the rhythm of the music. We truly thank Bubbha and his group for coming to lift our hearts and minds with his poetry and music.”
Sylvia Bolling, Aldine Y.O.U.T.H., Executive Director/Founder

Special thanks to our 2011 Jazz & Poetry Series sponsor, Comcast.

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